Is Homework Effective when Kids Study at Home?

Is Homework Effective when Kids Study at Home?

The issue concerning homework has had so many discussions, but there is not a solution to it. It is more complicated now that the Coronavirus is here. Researchers have their notion that homework has minimal benefits to students. They say that it does not help kids who are still in elementary school pass their exams, but it can help students on the other levels. Now that the pandemic is here, all the schools had to remain closed till further notice. Schools were closed so that the disease could not spread faster to a massive number of people. There is a challenge because many students cannot study at home due to different distractions.

 How can a learner read when there is a television in the house? That is the challenge parents are having at home with their children. Students do not have conducive environments that can enable them to read peacefully and understand whatever they are reading. No one knows when schools will resume, but most schools hold online classes, which are still not enough. There is an organization that was to try to assess the homework issue and see the way forward. They try to look at different things in the education sector and how they work. Denise Pope, a senior lecturer, wrote more about the education sector that will help answer any questions about education as a whole.

By Denise Pope

Now that students and teachers are not in the same room, it is hard to give students assignments. First of all, teachers cannot provide students extra work because they cannot do everything online. When students have homework, they have to take it back to the teachers to identify any possible mistakes, but it becomes complicated when they are far away. Some schools still considered giving learners assignments while others saw no meaning and canceled it. Some schools decided to do away with homework because students were to attend online classes for a couple of hours every day. Between the years 2009-2020, a survey was done where students on different levels got asked what pressured them the most.

Most of the students’ answers were homework. Now you can see that homework causes more harm to students than it helps. Teachers should know the amount of work they have to give students on different grades. You cannot provide an elementary kid a two hours assignment. That is the mistake most teachers make. When you give students a lot of homework, most of them will want to give up in life while others will have stress—high school students complain about the amount of work they take home. Most of them complained that they have to spend more than two hours and a half on weekdays and more than three hours on weekends on their assignment.

The amount of work they carry home is just the beginning of the whole problem, but there is still more. The type of work they take home is also challenging and complicated and can lead to pressure or even depression. When you give students work that they know nothing about, they will have to take so much time trying to understand. It makes them unhappy and stressed. When you give them work that gets repeated so often, it gets boring to them, and they will not have the psyche to do anything. It makes it even worse because the assignments they add also are added to the course grades. They have to make sure that they are keen so that they do not make any mistakes. Homework can be beneficial to students, but the time spent changes everything. When a student has a thirty minutes assignment, there is no way he/she will complain. When they take more than two hours, it becomes tedious and tiresome, that is the main problem. Students can enjoy doing assignments when they take the shortest time possible. For works to make sense, some questions need answers.

Do students have any clue about the benefits of assignments?

To many students, homework is a distraction. Maybe students take trash about projects because they do not know the benefits. If teachers teach them more about extra work services, they can change their minds and try their best.

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